Precision Agribusiness

“Yield is vanity – profit is sanity”

Unique mapping software can highlight underperforming, average and overperforming zones, allowing informed decisions to be made on agronomy, management and design of agri-environment schemes.

The concept of average net margin mapping is unique and gives a powerful insight into variability within a field as illustrated below. 28% of this field generates a net margin of £392/ha, whereas 45% generates a net margin of £760/ha, or 94% more.

Understanding the reasons behind the variability are key to making informed management decisions going forwards. We use Contour as a precision farming tool to zone and type soils within a field. Using both this and the net margin maps we can identify problems that we can correct and areas of inherently poor soils which would be better cropped under a Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

For further information on this technology please see the article in Farmers Weekly from June 2019:-